1、设备概述 Overview








    In the pharmaceutical and food industry, the requirements for production

    and technology are more strict. The conventional manual cleaning of tanks in

    the production process, such as liquid storage, liquid-solid reaction and so

    on can not be satisfying. However, the CIP (online cleaning) and SIP (online

    sterilization) solve the common problems well. The methods and procedures

    of CIP and manual cleaning are different, but the purpose of cleaning is the

    same. In addition to the manual cleaning function, CIP also contains semiautomatic,

    full-automatic, parameter setting and data retention. The whole

    sterilization process can be realized without the operator contacting the tank.

    The cleaning process includes hot washing, solution preparation for the

    cleaning tank, alkali washing, neutralization, purified water washing, injection

    water washing, online sterilization and sterile compressed air blowing.

    2、产品介绍 Product Introduction




    Without manual disassembly or opening, the CIP online cleaning system

    (tank, pipeline, pump, filter and other equipment included) and the whole

    production line, in a predetermined time, can achieve the purpose of

    automatic cleaning and equipment disinfection through the closed pipeline

    spraying the cleaning liquid of a certain temperature on the inner surface

    of the equipment.

    3、系统配置 System Configuration





    The system is mainly composed of single or multiple cleaning solution

    storage tanks, pipelines, distributors, booster pumps, reflux pumps,

    pneumatic control valves, acid-base metering pumps, heat exchangers,

    temperature controllers, conductivity detectors, liquid level controllers,

    PLC touch screens, control cabinets and other components, all of which

    can be configurated according to differrent needs. The one composed of

    acid tank, alkali tank and hot water tank can meet most of the cleaning


    4、系统特点 Features

    ① 可节省清洗剂、水、蒸汽的消耗量;

    The consumption of detergent, water and steam can be reduced;

    ② 增加机器部件的使用年限;

    The life span of components can be enhanced;

    ③ 降低劳动力及酸碱在作业中的危害性,避免因操作者的精神状态及情绪的差


    The harm of acids and alkalis in the operation can be reduced in the

    sense that the system can ensure the effectiveness no matter what mental

    state the operator is in;

    ④ 系统可单独进行酸洗、碱洗、热水冲洗等工序,也可根据需要编制特定的清


    The system can carry out acid pickling, alkali washing, hot water

    washing and other processes, and can also conduct specific cleaning

    procedures for automatic cleaning according to the needs.

    5、CIP清洗评价标准 Evaluation Criteria for CIP

    ① 气味:清新、无异杂味,对于特殊的处理过程或特殊阶段容许有轻微的气


    Smell: Fresh and no miscellaneous smell. For special treatment

    process or special stage, slight smell is allowed, but it does not affect

    the safety and quality of the final product;

    ② 视觉:清洗表面光亮,无积水,无膜,无污垢或其他;

    Appearance: The cleaned surface is bright without ponding,

    membrane, dirt or other defects;

    ③ 产能:经过CIP处理后,设备的生产处理能力明显改变。微生物指标达到


    Smell: Fresh and no miscellaneous smell. For special treatment

    process or special stage, slight smell is allowed, but it does not affect

    the safety and quality of the final product;

    ④ 经济性:在同时能满足清洗的条件下,成本是衡量清洗效果的重要因


    Economic feature: CIP has a lower cost than the others when they

    can achieve the same cleaning effects;

    ⑤ 可操作性:CIP操作必须相对安全、方便。随着制药与食品生产机械化和



    Operability: CIP operation must be relatively safe and convenient.

    With the continuous improvement of mechanization and automation

    of food production, CIP system has been widely studied and applied.

    At the same time, with the progress of science and the constant

    standardization of market, its popularity in food production is


    6、CIP分类 Classification of CIP

    ① 按照配置储罐数量分为:一罐、两罐、三罐、四罐等;

    By the quantities of tanks: one-tank, two-tank, three-tank, fourtank;

    ② 按照控制方式不同分为:手动控制、半自动控制、全自动配置等方式;

    By the controling method: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic,


    ③ 按照清洗回路数量分为:一路、二路、三路、四路。

    By the loops of cleaning: one-loop, two-loop, three-loop, fourloop.

    7、CIP清洗系统特点 Features of the CIP system

    ① 稳定的CIP清洗,采用人机界面图象显示;

    Stable CIP cleaning, using man-machine interface image display;

    ② 自动切换各工艺参数,自动调节清洗时间、PH、温度等参数;

    Automatic switching of process parameters, automatic adjustment

    of cleaning time, pH, temperature and other parameters;

    ③ 可选择手动控制或自动控制两种操作方式;

    There are two operation modes: manual control or automatic


    ④ 所有操作均可记录,便于GMP认证;

    All operations can be recorded for GMP certification;

    ⑤ CIP清洗系统有单罐双罐及多罐供用户选择,有移动式及固定式;

    CIP cleaning system has single tank, double tanks and multi tanks

    for users to choose, and it has mobile and fixed versions;

    ⑥ 本设备主要由酸、碱液贮罐、清水罐、机架、三通旋塞阀、截止阀以及离


    The equipment is mainly composed of acid and alkali liquid storage

    tank, clean water tank, rack, three-way cock valve, stop valve and

    centrifugal pump;

    ⑦ 本设备利用离心泵输送清洗液,在物料管道和设备容器内进行强制循环,



    The equipment uses centrifugal pump to transport cleaning liquid,

    and carries out forced circulation in material pipeline and equipment

    container, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Therefore, there is

    no need to disassemble the pipeline and equipment, which can

    improve the utilization rate of equipment and reduce the labor

    intensity of workers.

    8、CIP站的组成 the Composition of CIP

    ① 主要由罐(桶)、管路、阀门组、加热器、泵、控制柜、及附带设备组


    It is mainly composed of tank (barrel), pipeline, valve group,

    heater, pump, control cabinet and accessory equipment;

    ② 罐可分为:碱液罐、酸液罐、清水罐、化碱罐(用户自备可选)等;

    Tanks can be divided into: alkali tank, acid tank, clean water tank,

    chemical acid and alkali tank (optional by users),

    ③ 组成包括:加热器、蒸气元件,检测元件;

    The components include heater, steam components and detection


    ④ 加热器可分为:管式、板式加热器;

    The heater can be divided into tubular heater and plate heater;


    The pump includes: internal circulation pump, external circulation

    pump and return pump;


    The pipeline includes: water inlet pipe, liquid discharge pipeline,

    heating pipeline, cleaning pipeline, etc;

    ⑦ 阀门组包括站内阀门组和切换板阀门组;

    The valve group includes station valve group and switchable valve


    ⑧ 控制柜涵盖控制、检测、显示功能;

    The control cabinet covers control, detection and display functions;

    ⑨ 附带设备包括:单元切换阀组(板)、清洗喷淋球等。依据配置可分为单


    The attached equipment includes: unit switchable valve group

    (plate), cleaning spray ball, etc. According to the configuration, CIP

    stations can be divided into single-use, repeated-use and multipleuse


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